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ACSOS 2020
Mon 17 - Fri 21 August 2020
Tue 18 Aug 2020 20:29 - 20:41 at Presentation Room A - Poster and Demo Session Chair(s): Ioan Petri, Gabriele Valentini

Communication systems such as overlay and underlay networks are becoming increasingly complex. Developers may add self-adaptive capabilities to such systems to reduce management effort and to autonomously adapt to changing context. Adding self-adaptive behavior to communication systems, however, is a challenging task due to their distributed and heterogeneous nature. We propose REACT, a model-based runtime environment for adapting communication systems. REACT is available as an open source project and designed to be easy-to-use by practitioners and fellow researchers. In this demo, we follow REACT’s three-step development process and show how a domain expert, who is inexperienced in self-adaptive systems development, can enhance a cloud server management system with self-adaptive behavior easily by using REACT.

Tue 18 Aug
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20:05 - 21:05: Posters and Demos - Poster and Demo Session at Presentation Room A
Chair(s): Ioan PetriCardiff University, Gabriele ValentiniArizona State University
acsos-2020-posters-and-demos20:05 - 20:17
acsos-2020-posters-and-demos20:17 - 20:29
acsos-2020-posters-and-demos20:29 - 20:41
Martin PfannemüllerUniversity of Mannheim, Martin BreitbachUniversity of Mannheim, Christian KrupitzerUniversity of Würzburg, Germany, Christian BeckerUniversity of Mannheim, Andy SchürrTU Darmstadt
acsos-2020-posters-and-demos20:41 - 20:53
acsos-2020-posters-and-demos20:53 - 21:05
Jelle Van De Sijpe, Danny WeynsLinnaeus University, Sweden