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ACSOS 2020
Mon 17 - Fri 21 August 2020

People’s Choice Award Candidates

For each session, the audience was able to vote for the best presentation in the session. Out of the winners of each session, the best presentaton was choosen:

  • Self-Adaptation: A Survey of Methodology in Self-Adaptive Systems Research - WINNER
  • Cloud Systems: ENSURE: Efficient Scheduling and Autonomous Resource Management in Serverless Environments
  • Open Systems: A Distributed Population Managem.ent Approach for Mobile Agent Systems
  • Model-based Systems: REACT: A Model-Based Runtime Environment for Adapting Communication Systems
  • Doctoral Symposium: Towards realistic task and capability description in self-organizing production system
  • Learning: Coevolutionary Learning of Neuromodulated Controllers for Multi-Stage and Gamifled Tasks
  • Short Papers: MERIT: Model-driven Rehoming for VNF Chains
  • Scalability: Deadlock Avoidance for Multiple Tasks in a Self-Organizing Production Cell
  • User-centric Systems: Collective Learning: A 10-Year Odyssey to Human-centered Distributed Intelligence

Karsten Schwan Best Paper Award Candidates

Reconfigurable Embedded Devices Using Reinforcement Learning to Develop Action-Policies - WINNER
Alwyn Burger, David King and Gregor Schiele

Building Reusable Repertoires for Stochastic Self-* Planners
Cody Kinneer, Rijnard van Tonder, David Garlan and Claire Le Goues

Understanding Uncertainty in Self-adaptive Systems
Radu Calinescu, Raffaela Mirandola, Diego Perez-Palacin and Danny Weyns

Outstanding service award

An event as the ACSOS conference would not be possible without the dedicated service of many people:

  • Tarek El-Ghazawi
  • Manish Parashar
  • Jan-Philipp Steghöfer
  • Sven Tomforde
  • Timothy Wood
  • K R Jayaram
  • Christopher Stewart
  • Pradeep Kumar
  • Claudia Raibulet
  • Ioan Petri
  • Gabriele Valentini
  • Naveen Sharma
  • Phyllis Nelson
  • Barry Porter
  • Peter Lewis
  • Cihan Tunc
  • Christian Krupitzer
  • Ahmad Anbar
  • Chloe Barnes
  • Esam El-Araby
  • Miaoqing Huang